Hidden Countertop Pop Up Power Outlet with Custom Granite Stone Top


Hide your countertop receptacles under your countertop, with the S-Box 2 Port Socket TR. The only countertop approved outlet that allows the countertop surface to be the top of the pop up outlet.

This outlet allows you to use your countertop material as the top of the pop up. Now you can conceal your power in the countertop, creating a seamless look. The pop up works in almost any 2cm, or 3cm thick countertop. Use in granite, quartz, marble, concrete, and wood. The pop up uses a counter-weighted system to pop up and close, there is no spring to ever fail. The pop up is smooth and quite when raising and lowering, it can be accomplished with ease by pressing with just two fingers.

The outlet features two 15 Amp tamper resistant plugs. Power your small appliances exactly where you need it on your countertop, perfect for toasters, coffee makers, blenders, mixers, and phones and tablets with a power adapter. The pop up meets the latest 2017 NEC Code 406.5E for countertop outlet installation, the outlet has passed UL’s ½ gallon spill test, and the top is splash rated.

View the S-Box 2 Port Socket TR

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  • Ryan H
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