2-Step Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Outlet with USB-A/C Ports and Wireless Charging

Two Stage Pop Up Countertop Outlet

Open halfway to use the first outlet, or open fully to use both outlets. Typically you only need access to one outlet for everyday use, but for those occasions when you need lots of power and charging there is a solution.

4 Power, 2 USB-A Ports, 2 USB-C Ports, Wireless Charging Top

Pop up part way to get access to 2 tamper-resistant plugs, 1 USB-A charging port, and 1 USB-C charging port, pop up all the way to double your power and charging needs. The QI wireless top works in the closed, halfway, or fully popped up position. Just set your phone on the top and it will instantly start charging any QI device with up to 10 watts of power. The USB-A ports are Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 rated, and the USB-C ports are Power Delivery (PD) 2.0 rated to charge laptops. 

Waterproof Top to Meet NEC Code 406.5e

The pop up outlet meets the latest 2017 version of NEC Code 406.5e. The top is waterproof and the outlets have past UL's one half gallon spill test. The unit is ETL listed as an assembly for USA installations, and c-ETL listed to installations in Canada. 

Available in stainless, black, and white tops. To purchase click HERE.

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  • Ryan H
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