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5 Reasons Why You May Need a Pop-Up Outlet in a Kitchen Countertop

5 Reasons Why You May Need a Pop-Up Outlet in a Kitchen Countertop 1

From convenience to appearance, and code requirements, here are 5 reasons why you may want, or be required to have a kitchen pop up outlet in your kitchen.
  • Ryan H

Add Wireless Charging, Power, and USB Charging to Any Wall 0

Add a single gang plate to your wall and enjoy power, USB-A and USB-C charging, and wireless charging.
  • Ryan H

Lew Electric Launches New Powder Coated Black and White Pop Up Outlets 0

Enjoy the new durable and scratch resistant powder coated black and white colors from Lew Electric.
  • Ryan H

Hubbell Adds 20 Amp Option to the RCT Series Pop Up Outlets 0

The Hubbell RCT series of pop up outlets is now available with a 20 amp plug.
  • Ryan H

Pop Up Outlets in Bathroom Countertops 0

Pop up outlets can be used in bathrooms too!
  • Ryan H

Lew Electric Adds Nickel Color to Their Countertop Pop Up Outlets 0

Lew Electric adds nickel color to their pop up countertop outlets giving you six colors to choose from.
  • Ryan H

Hidden Countertop Pop Up Power Outlet with Custom Granite Stone Top 0

The only pop-up outlet countertop approved in the USA, that allows custom material to be placed on the top.
  • Ryan H

How to Hide Outlets in a Backsplash with an Under Cabinet Pop-Down 0

If you want a beautiful backsplash with no outlets, then consider hiding them under your cabinet.
  • Ryan H

Wireless Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Charging Station 0

Wirelessly charge your mobile phone, power your small appliances, and charge your tablet on your kitchen countertop.
  • Ryan H

Hubbell Pop Up Countertop Receptacle - Dual Sided Power Explanation 0

Don't let the small size of the Hubbell pop up fool you, it still has two outlets, one on each side.
  • Ryan H

Pop Up Outlet Countertop Requirements to Meet NEC Code 406.5E 0

Before a pop up outlet can be installed in a countertop, there are specific requirements that it needs to meet to pass code.
  • Ryan H

Hubbell Countertop Receptacles, Surface or Flush Mount Decision Guide 0

We help explain the differences between Hubbell's surface mount, and flush mount pop ups, how they get installed, and which one is best for you.
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