Hubbell Pop Up Countertop Receptacle - Dual Sided Power Explanation


The Hubbell RCT series of pop ups were designed to be as small as possible, making them the least obtrusive pop up on your countertop.  The pop up is 4” round, takes up roughly 3.5” of space under a 3cm counter, and only pops up 1.69” when in use. Although small in size, they still feature two 15 amp outlets, one on each side of the pop up.

Power on each side

One side features a 15 amp outlet, right-side up. The other side features a 15 amp outlet upside down. The outlet upside down, allows you to plug in larger style brick plugs like in the photo below.

Hubbell pop up power on each side

Dual sided power advantages

The advantage of having power on each side, is you can mount the pop up in a left to right orientation on your counter and have access to your outlets from each side. Rather than just having the plugs in front of you, you can now gain greater power and charging coverage on your counter.

Dual sided pop up outlet

Dual sided power pop ups for countertops is a great convenience to have, now you can easily plug in your small appliances on your countertop. 

View the full line of Hubbell kitchen pop up outlets


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