How to Hide Outlets in a Backsplash with an Under Cabinet Pop-Down


Create a clean and beautiful look in your kitchen with a backsplash that has no outlets in it.  Why work so hard to get that perfect look in your kitchen, and then have to cut holes in the backsplash for outlets? Hiding your outlets under your kitchen cabinets is an affordable alternative, and are easy to install. You have two options on how to hide them under your cabinet. 

Option #1: Pop-down outlet

A pop-down outlet installs through the base of your kitchen cabinet.  It can't be seen when closed, but when pressed, pops down and shows your outlet.

Pop Down Outlet Under Cabinet

Option #2: Power strips

Power strips install to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, they are stationary and don't pop-down.

Under Cabinet Power Strip

There are pros and cons to both styles, the list below will guide you through which style would work best for your intended use. 

Pop-Down Outlet:

-The outlet is lower when pressed making it easier to plug-in
-Takes up about the space of a drinking glass in the cabinet
-More expensive than a power strip

Power strip:

-Does not take up any space in cabinet
-Less expensive than a pop-down outlet

-Can be difficult to see and plug into since it doesn't pop-down

Under cabinet power is an alternative solution to outlets in your backsplash, when you want to show an outlet free backsplash.

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