Hubbell Adds 20 Amp Option to the RCT Series Pop Up Outlets


Building on the success of their 15 Amp pop up outlets, Hubbell has added a 20 Amp variation to their RCT series of countertop pop up outlets.  Homeowners now have the option to choose between 15 Amp plugs, or 20 Amp plugs in their pop up outlet.

Two Models to Choose From:

#1. The RCT200 and RCT201 series features two 15 Amp plugs.

#2. The RCT220 and RCT221 series features two 20 Amp plugs.

Visually the difference is small with the 20 Amp version having a flat plug. The 20 Amp model is backwards compatible with 15 Amp plugs, so you can still plug in your standard 15 Amp plugs into the 20 Amp outlet. Here is an image showing the difference in their nickel color.









Which Model to Choose?

The advantage to 20 Amp plugs is that they allow higher draw devices to be plugged in and used at the same time. Typically 15 Amps can handle the most common power loads thrown at it, but if you are using multiple high wattage appliances at the same time, the 20 Amp model may be better suited for your kitchen. Examples of high wattage appliances are toaster ovens, coffee makers, and electric tea kettles. The 20 Amp plugs are able to accept the increased load of high draw devices without tripping the breaker.

If you live in Canada the choice is easy, Canada requires 20 Amp plugs per their CSA code.

The 20 Amp option does cost slightly more than purchasing the 15 Amp version, so keep that in mind when making your decision.  

View the full list of 20 Amp options 

View the full list of 15 Amp options

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