Lew Electric Redesigns Their PUFP Pop Up Outlet


New for 2022 the Redesigned PUFP PB Series from Lew Electric

The PUFP-CT from Lew Electric was the first pop up outlet on the market that was approved for countertop use. A decade later and the pop up is still going strong in thousands of houses across the USA and Canada. New for 2022 the PUFP-CT has been redesigned and improved both functionally and aesthetically. 

#1. New oval shaped button

The new oval button provides a larger surface area for a finger to press to open the pop up. Gone is the rectangle design in favor of a more modern and streamlined oval button. Additionally the verbiage "PUSH" has been removed from the button giving the pop up a cleaner look.

There are contoured panels on the sides allowing for a smoother motion when opening and closing.

The button now provides the exact amount of tension in the pop up mechanism, the tension screw adjustment has been eliminated saving installation time. 

#2.  New plastic back box with lock nut ring

Previously the metal back box had to be glued or screwed to the underside of the counter, now the installer simply threads the lock nut ring onto the plastic box to secure to the underside of the counter. 

#3. New USB outlet with both A and C fast charging ports

The old USB charging outlet has two USB-A charging ports that shared 3.6 Amps of power. The new design features one USB-A charging port, and one USB-C charging port. The USB-A charging port is QC 3.0 rated providing up to 18 Watts of power. The USB-C charging port is QC 3.0 and PD 2.0 rated delivering up to 20 watts of charging power. 

#4. Backwards compatible design

The new style PB PUFP can be installed in the old style metal back box should you need or want to change out your old style PUFP.

Additionally for new installations if you have a spot that can't be reached for installation after the countertops have been installed, you can still use the old style PUFP-WB box. In this scenario you glue or screw the box to the underside of the counter before installation.

Lew Electric provides safe and reliable outlets that can be installed in countertops, the new PUFP is the best and most affordable option for any installation near liquid spills. 


View the installation video

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