Hubbell Countertop Receptacles, Surface or Flush Mount Decision Guide


Hubbell offers their countertop pop up receptacles in 7 colors. Each color can be purchased in either a surface mount, or flush mount top. This article will help you to know the differences between the two, and which style to choose for your kitchen.

Surface mount model:
The top on the RCT200 and RCT220 series from Hubbell features a rounded edge and is designed to sit on top of your counter. The thickness of the top that will sit on your counter is .09” thick.

Flush mount model:
The top on the RCT201 and RCT221 series from Hubbell features a straight edge and is designed to be mounted flush with your counter. This is achieved by making a 4” round counterbore cut that is .09” thick.  Your stone fabricator will need to have a CNC machine, and your countertops will need to be at their shop to make this cut. ***The cut that the flush mount model requires cannot be done on site***

Differences between the two styles:
The surface mount series and flush mount series are exactly the same with one exception. The surface mounts’ top has a rounded edge, and the flush mounts’ top has a straight edge.  The top on both models is .09” thick.

Which to choose?
If your countertops are already installed then you will have to choose the surface mount style. If they are not installed, and your stone fabricator has a CNC machine, then you have the choice between the two styles. If you with to flush mount, please contact your stone fabricator to make sure that they can make the necessary cut in your countertop.

Side by side picture of the surface versus flush mount in aluminum color:

Hubbell Countertop Receptacle Flush versus Surface Mount Installation

Showing the cut that needs to be made for flush mount model:

Hubbell Flush Mount Cut

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