Shop for recessed pop up electrical outlets that are spill-proof safe for kitchen countertops, and UL-approved to pass NEC code 406.5E. Eliminate dangerous drooping cords hanging over the edge of the island and keep your work surface organized with beautiful tamper-resistant waterproof sockets.

Power grommets come in round and square shapes, and hide in your granite or quartz out of sight, but pop up when needed. The pop ups not only have power, but also variations with integrated GFCI protection, USB-A and USB-C charging ports, and a wireless Qi charging top. Power can be installed via a corded plug, or a hardwired installation application. Choose from 13 different colors including; stainless steel, nickel, white, black, satin nickel, black stainless, chrome, bronze, brown, aluminum, brass, and graphite black.

Kitchen Pop Up Outlets

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Shop with confidence at, purchase cool receptacles for your kitchen granite and quartz countertops with hidden under counter power. We have the best kitchen island electrical outlet ideas and accessories from pop-ups to pop-outs.